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 Led By John Somerville and David Simmons


  Some fun memories from last February’s tour and a reminder that new tours are in the works! Pastors Fam tour in early February 2017 along with spring tour in March. Information coming soon on fall tour dates. Contact us soon for more info and to get your reservation in.



Israel Poster 1-fixWe have several different opportunities for you in 2017-2018. Tours for everyone as well as specialty FAM Tours (Pastor Familiarization Tours) that are for and subsidized for Pastors That have never been before (or not for a long time). These Tours in the Land and the People of Israel where God is still performing miracles and prophecy is being fulfilled daily.

These tours have often been described as  “Life changing,” because of the   total immersion experienced in the land and the culture where the Bible was written. Daily we will visit the scriptural sites where the Biblical events actually occurred.  We will walk and study where Jesus traveled, taught and performed the miracles that you’ve read about all your life. This trip will change the way that you read and understand  your Bible.   We guarantee you that it will be much more alive than it has ever been before. We not only will visit these authentic places, but John, David and other Israeli experts will teach at the sites and bring greater clarity to your understanding of the times and the biblical culture.  God’s Word will become more vivid and alive each time that you read and teach it during years to come.  This tour is biblically based but it will also equip you to better understand the geo-political current events (and the future events) as you meet the people and hear from some world-renowned experts as they visit with us.



John Somerville is a retired Marine Corps Colonel. During his 30 years in the Corps he was an Infantry Officer and later an Intelligence Officer specializing in the Middle East. John spent time in Israel, Turkey, Somalia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. John first went to the Middle East in the early 70′s and has made more than 60 trips there in the ensuing years. For 6 years John was the Central Region Coordinator for CUFI. Now he is Director and President of “Zion’s Watchmen,” advocates for a strong Israel/ USA relationship.

David Simmons has been a minister for over 40 years and for 4 years was the National Cowboy Church Coordinator for CUFI. Now he is Co-Director and Vice President of “Zion’s Watchmen” advocates for a strong Israel/USA relationship. David has ministry offices in North and West Africa and travels extensively in the part of the world being affected by the events in the Middle East. He is passionate about our need to be educated and to stand for and side by side with Israel. ”

Zion’s Watchmen PO Box 2138 Weatherford, TX 76086
John Somerville (559) 877-2882       john@zionswatchmen.com 

 David Simmons (817) 825-1164       david@zionswatchmen.com 

                               You never know who might be praying next to you at the Western Wall!


One of the things that we have a rare opportunity of participating in one of the most incredible (not many tours do this) archaeological projects in modern times, sifting through the debris taken from the Temple Mount. This “dig” on the side of the Mount of Olives is an unprecedented opportunity to actually discover remnants from the area of the First and Second Temples. It is where they just found one of the seals from King David proving to the everyone that the Bible is True and David did exist! What will you discover while your there sifting?

 Temple Mount Dig Find
Things found at The Temple Mount Dig

Attention Ladies (shoppers)! We will schedule an afternoon at leisure in Jerusalem where you can shop until you drop or just enjoy taking in the sights of the Old City on your own.                                             

We provide a single rate for the trip which includes accommodations and meals, entrance fees to religious and other sites, all activities, all services, speakers and taxes. This method allows you to know the actual cost of the program without any additional costs added on, so that you can relax and enjoy the program without any hidden surprises to deal with later. We only use licensed Israeli guides who are specially trained and licensed tour educators, along with John and David.

In the following pages you will see each tour.


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