Is Israel Safe? Talking with Elliot Chodoff

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Letter to Pastors

Yesterday I was speaking with a minister who has been in Israel numerous times and understands how much study tours cost. When I told him our entire tour 28 Feb – 9 March costs only $2500 (including airfare on EL AL), his jaw dropped. “How can you do it for that amount?” When I explained that it was subsidized by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, his next statement was, “Wow, it must be full… how many are going?”
That’s when I said, “I intentionally only take between 20 to 30, so that it’s not a herd of people. I want it to be an enjoyable biblically based study tour with lots of opportunity to understand not just the history (past tense), but also the present-day fulfillment of prophecy that is happening NOW.
But it was then that my jaw dropped when I had to explain that as of right now we only have a handful of people going.
He said, “At that price you should be turning people away. I know how you teach and what you do on your tours is unmatched by any others!”
I agreed and basically stated that, “ I don’t get it either. I always thought that Preachers would have a great desire to study the Word of God in the Land where it all happened.” I continued with a minor rant, “Here we are almost giving away a trip that normally costs close to $4500…that’s a $2000 reduction for a trip specifically designed for pastors. I’m befuddled! What do they think that this is some kind of a scam…some kind of a “el-cheapo” rip off?
Almost all of those Word of Faith preachers will tell me that they have always had a “desire in their heart” to go to Israel. “But,” they whine, “I just can’t afford it now.” What a pathetic confession! Whatever happened to stepping out by faith? If God put that desire in your heart (Ps. 37: 4-5) He also promised to bring it to pass. I think that means we need to trust that the “Desire-Giver” is also a “Bringer-to-Passer” and it is activated by our faith in His Promise.
ANYWAY…I hope that you will take a look at our website for our itinerary and really give it your prayerful consideration.

Sincerely, John Somerville

contact us here @ Zion’s Watchmen/Tour Israel

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Join us for a tour like no other.

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Come and Join us on this tour of the Land that the Bible was written in and about.

The Bible though written thousands of years ago still applies to life today. When you walk in the land that it was written in and about it will come to life. The prophets, the kings and of Kings all walked there, wrote there and prophesied there. Walk in those places and hear the truth of the Bible taught where it was written. Call the # on the home page and reserve your place today!

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Welcome to Tour Isreal!

We are happy you stopped by.  We will be updating the blog posts on a regular basis to give you the latest information on our upcoming tours, as well as other news and interesting facts that pertain to Israel.  You may subscribe to these posts in your favorite RSS reader, or follow us on Facebook.

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