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Is Israel Safe? Talking with Elliot Chodoff

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Letter to Pastors

Yesterday I was speaking with a minister who has been in Israel numerous times and understands how much study tours cost. When I told him our entire tour 28 Feb – 9 March costs only $2500 (including airfare on EL AL), his jaw dropped. “How can you do it for that amount?” When I explained that it was subsidized by the Israel Ministry of Tourism, his next statement was, “Wow, it must be full… how many are going?”
That’s when I said, “I intentionally only take between 20 to 30, so that it’s not a herd of people. I want it to be an enjoyable biblically based study tour with lots of opportunity to understand not just the history (past tense), but also the present-day fulfillment of prophecy that is happening NOW.
But it was then that my jaw dropped when I had to explain that as of right now we only have a handful of people going.
He said, “At that price you should be turning people away. I know how you teach and what you do on your tours is unmatched by any others!”
I agreed and basically stated that, “ I don’t get it either. I always thought that Preachers would have a great desire to study the Word of God in the Land where it all happened.” I continued with a minor rant, “Here we are almost giving away a trip that normally costs close to $4500…that’s a $2000 reduction for a trip specifically designed for pastors. I’m befuddled! What do they think that this is some kind of a scam…some kind of a “el-cheapo” rip off?
Almost all of those Word of Faith preachers will tell me that they have always had a “desire in their heart” to go to Israel. “But,” they whine, “I just can’t afford it now.” What a pathetic confession! Whatever happened to stepping out by faith? If God put that desire in your heart (Ps. 37: 4-5) He also promised to bring it to pass. I think that means we need to trust that the “Desire-Giver” is also a “Bringer-to-Passer” and it is activated by our faith in His Promise.
ANYWAY…I hope that you will take a look at our website for our itinerary and really give it your prayerful consideration.

Sincerely, John Somerville

contact us here @ Zion’s Watchmen/Tour Israel

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